Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School!

I rarely have the time to post on here anymore, but thought today was something special - worth remembering and sharing.

Since Markos first arrived in America, he has been begging to go to school.  Those first few months home, we planned to "cocoon" with him - keep him home with us as much as possible - but every morning at the bus stop as Daniel boarded the bus for school, Markos cried and begged, "When do I get to ride the bus?  Why can't I go to school?".  So, we made what turned out to be the best decision for our family and allowed him to start going to a drop-in daycare program a few days a week which led to a three day a week preschool program.  He absolutely loved both.

He was used to structure.  He was used to being around a large number of children at all times.  No matter how much time I spent trying to entertain him, or what activities I would come up with to occupy his time, it was just no match for 40 kids in a care center in Ethiopia.  However, just that few hours a few days a week at the daycare or the preschool was enough to meet that need for him, and made our time together at home a million times better.

Regardless, today was THE DAY!  The day he got to ride the bus and go to kindergarten!  He has been so excited!  For days, he's been driving us crazy asking, "Do I go to school the day after the day after tomorrow?"..."How many days until I go to school?"....."What is the day that I go to kindergarten?".  Yesterday morning, he stood by my bed and woke me bright and early with, "Momma!  Tomorrow, I get to go to school!"  While my other two children whined and moped, "ughhh....I don't want to go to school tomorrow.", he couldn't wait!

Side note:  Oh, how I wish my kids all realized how truly blessed they are that they get to attend school in America.  That they have all their books provided.  That boys and girls get to attend.  that they learn to read and write.  That they eat a nice lunch there.  That they ride a comfortable bus to school.  That they are safe at school and at home.  So many children around the world aren't so fortunate.

Anyway...as expected, he woke this morning before I had to wake him.  (Why would today be any different from any other day?!)  He sprung out of bed and got dressed in the clothes that I laid out for him last night.  Then, he peeked in my room as Eric and I were attempting to hurt ourselves doing P90X and asked, "Hey mom, should I brush my teeth now, too?".  I said, "Sure Markos.  Good idea." and he asked, "THEN will it be time to leave for the bus?".  Unfortunately, we still had an hour before his bus was scheduled to arrive.

After that LOONNNGGGGG hour of waiting, we finally headed out the door -- all smiles!  There was no crying, no sad looks back, no fearful boarding of the bus -- only big smiles and excited waves as his happy little face peered out the window, finally on his way to school.