Saturday, June 9, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Sometimes I look at our calendar, marveling at its fullness, and feel almost comforted by the thought, "Ooohh!  So THAT'S why I'm tired all the time!".  At the beginning of every summer, I look forward to all the things that we will now have time to do -- go to the zoo, go swimming, take walks, go to the playground, teach the boys to finally ride bikes without training wheels, go to the lake house, Kennywood, Kings Dominion, Idlewild, the beach.  Then, as August comes to a close, I wonder where the time went and realize that over half the things on my summer bucket list never came to pass.  I hope this summer is different, but I don't know why I'd think it would be. 

Regardless of the schedule, we do usually end up making it to the lake house Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend - primarily because since they are holiday weekends, all sports and other activities are usually canceled those weekends.  It actually works out somewhat nicely for us because Mackenzie's birthday is May 29th - always close to Memorial Day Weekend; and Markos' and Daniel's are Aug 28th and Sept 11th, respectively, both close to Labor Day Weekend. 

So, with high hopes for a great summer of fun, relaxation, and family time (as well as getting some home remodeling projects completed), this summer started with our usual Memorial Day weekend trip to the lake house.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!  The kids were fairly well behaved and happy to be there - even Kenz who prefers to spend her free time with friends and not us, the annoying parents and brothers.  ;-)

The boys played in the lake - insisting it was "warm".  ha!  Daniel lost a Croc, which began to float out into the lake, but Kenzie swam out and rescued it for him.  (occasionally she's a nice big sister.)  Markos got in trouble for throwing rocks at or over the heads of his siblings on multiple occasions.

 I camped out in my chair with my book and enjoyed the view while pretending I was alone watching the children as Eric hunted snakes.

Eric has undoubtedly been a very bad influence on our darling daughter (and Daniel) with regards to handling snakes.  Thankfully, Markos has not yet been corrupted coerced cajoled talked into handling the creepy things AND the others will only hold those slithery creatures deemed safe by their good ol' dad (who may, or may not be the best person to ask!).

While Dad was busy teaching the children things that Mom doesn't, he allowed Markos to shoot the BB gun.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Daniel shooting.  He is apparently quite the sharp-shooter, informing me that "Hey mom, me and Pap are the best shooters.  I hold the record."  And, he did hold the record for the most empty Diet Coke cans shot off the board in the woods in a row without missing.  I think the record stood at 18 or something like that.  Markos was happy that he shot one.  I was happy that Markos only shot cans.

All in all, the boys had a great weekend, alternating between loving and hating one another.  The woods are a good equalizer, but when Daniel's allergies are through the roof, he tends to be less than patient and tolerant.  And, when Markos is being ignored, he tends to be as purposely annoying as he can possibly be.

The dogs were pretty good.  Lily can sleep anywhere.  Leo didn't run away.  Neither went to the bathroom in the house.  They did, however, shred a bag of toiletries that were left on the bed when we went out to dinner.  Eric decided we didn't need to take the crate to the lake.  Some of us *might* have disagreed with that opinion and then had to bite her tongue until it bled very hard not to say "told you so" upon returning to the mess.

Grammy and Pappy came up to join Nannie and our family at the lake house for Kenzie's birthday.  We had cookie cake after lunch.  Then went to Uno's at Deep Creek Lake for dinner.  

Because she's extremely spoiled been very responsible with the phone that she's had for years now, and she will be paying the monthly increase in the bill and the insurance, Mackenzie got a very special, surprise gift of an iPhone for her birthday.

And, an Apple gift card from Grammy and Pappy to go pick out her own case.  And, cash from Nannie which she will undoubtedly use to either pay her first monthly bill, or to buy some apps.

We paid for the boat license for the year and got the kayak out in to the water - just in time for each child to have a nice long ride before the thunder started.

The kids swam at the beach and Markos played in the sand.

The boys went outside to play with Pappy while we waited for our food at Uno's.

Then, we had our 2nd annual photo shoot in the big chairs.

Two-headed monster?

So proud of our "baby girl" (who reminded us time and time again throughout the weekend, "next year at this time, I will be getting my driver's license" - which, if I might say so, is not a very nice thing to do to your parents after they've just bought you an iPhone!)  Here's to Summer 2012!  Let the good times roll!