Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Your Second Chance...

OK, so if you really wanted a necklace, but missed out on the ones I was selling, here is your second chance!

Head on over to Journey 4 Hope - the blog of another adoptive momma who volunteers with an awesome organization in Ethiopia called FOVC - Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children.  FOVC works near the area where Markos was born. 

She is selling beautiful necklaces that she made from magazine beads which she purchased the last time she was in Ethiopia.  She is also selling beautiful baskets made by the widows in their Crops for Widows program, as well as some beautiful artwork made in Shanto, Ethiopia. 

Tamara is sharing her knowledge of agriculture to help the widows in the FOVC program learn how to grow their crops and how to manage their crops during the current drought and famine.  Her husband is a veterinarian.  He is also working with FOVC, helping to train the widows on how to care for their livestock, as well as training an FOVC staff person in veterinary medicine so FOVC will always have a hands-on person in Ethiopia to help.  This couple is doing all this traveling out of their own pocket, as volunteers, in order to serve the orphans and widows of Southern Ethiopia.  Your necklace purchases will help them with their travel expenses for their next trip.

So go buy a necklace...or two....or three.  They're beautiful.


Necklace Update!

I'm sorry to say that, if you wanted a necklace and didn't act quickly, you missed your chance.  

All necklaces are now sold.  

God is good!!  

Orphans and widows in Uganda receiving income.  

Orphans in Haiti receiving peanut butter, bed sheets, medicine, or whatever else I'm told to bring.

And you and I receiving beautiful, hand-made necklaces!

Thanks to all who purchased them.  I hope you love them! 

I know I love mine!