Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oops! Sorry, Honey!!

Markos is obsessed with Emergency Responders lately.  He talks about firemen and fire trucks, ambulances, policemen and police cars all.the.time!  Just last week, I took him shopping with some of his own money and he chose to buy a school bus and an ambulance, but begged to also get the police car.  He plays with the firetruck, police car, school bus, and ambulance matchbox cars everyday.

So last night, when Eric and I were riding home from playing tennis and we saw the flashing lights in the rear view mirror and realized that they were, in fact, for dear hubby's "sliding through the stop sign" that we had just passed and "going a little fast" (as the nice officer put it), I joked that it was a good thing that Markos wasn't with us.  He would almost certainly drive the officer nuts asking 400 questions, OR he would panic and fear that Eric would be hauled off to jail for his traffic violation. 

Earlier in the day, Markos and I saw two police officers sitting in Chick-fil-A.  They were sitting at a table eating their lunch, but when Markos saw them, he said,  "Mom!  Do you think they're going to arrest someone?!"
Me:  No.
Markos:  Then what are they doing here?
Me:   Eating their lunch.  Policemen have to eat, too, you know.
Markos:   What would happen if I went over to their table and told them to 'shut up'?
Me:  You'd get in trouble!
Markos:  Would I get arrested for saying shut up?
Me:  No, you'd get in trouble from me!
Markos:  Because I was going to get arrested?
Me:  No, because it's RUDE!!

Anyway, this little conversation and Markos' lack of understanding regarding the criminal justice system in America probably should have come to mind earlier today, but it didn't. 

Instead, I made the mistake of telling Markos this morning, "hey Markos, guess what happened to Daddy last night?....He got pulled over by a police officer for driving too fast." 

This little tidbit of information led to the asking of the previously mentioned 400 questions.  You know, the ones where I assured him that no, daddy did not go to jail; no, daddy did not get to ride in the police car; yes, the policeman did turn on his lights and siren; no, daddy didn't even get a ticket - he just got a warning where the policeman nicely told Daddy to "slow down, sir, and be careful because there are a lot of kids that walk along this road".

Unfortunately, this may not have totally cleared things up for Markos.  During his soccer practice today, I heard, very clearly, from the opposite side of the gymnasium,

"My daddy got arrested yesterday!"

Yikes!   Ummm.  Sorry honey!  Don't be surprised if people are looking at you funny at Markos' soccer game on Saturday. 

And, just to set the record straight, Eric was not arrested.  He was pulled over for running a stop sign and speeding and given a written and verbal warning.  No points.  No fine.  No jail time.  No record.  If Markos tells you otherwise, don't believe him! 


  1. In my defense, I really don't think I was speeding. I might have been going 26 in a 25, but I wasn't in a hurry. I was surprised that I got pulled over at all - I had "mostly stopped" at the sign (the third stop within about a block). Not dodging guilt - happy for only the warning. Of course, none of this will matter compared to what the various soccer moms will be thinking at Markos' next game...

  2. Oh, and to further my defense slightly, I suppose I was in a little bit of a hurry... to get Lori and I to the frozen yogurt shop before they closed (following our vigorous workout). We only had 10 minutes left. Fortunately for me, I didn't explain that to the nice officer... and I didn't ask him to hurry up... :-)