Sunday, May 6, 2012

Go Outside and Play!

It's been a while since I've posted.  What can I say? We've been a little busy.

I finished my class, but have already started another.  During my week off, I spread four yards of mulch.  That was fun.

The boys have been thoroughly enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having.  Unfortunately, the sun staying up later has made it difficult to stick with our normal neurotic-ly controlled bedtimes.

A few tidbits of what's been happening:

It's finally been hot enough outside that the boys could break out the slip n' slide water knee hockey set that they got for Easter. 

Markos started playing soccer:

While buying gifts at Toys R Us for several birthday parties that my children were planning to attend, I happened upon a large display of hula hoops that were on sale.  After reading all about fellow blogger Jamey's new found love of hooping over at Zehlahlum Family, I decided to pick one up and see if I could still do it.

I'm happy to report that, although it took a few tries, I was still able to hula hoop.  And, it's quite a work-out.  Far more so than it probably once was, but my kids think it's super cool and fun, too, so what the heck.  There are worse exercises out there!  It's better than sit-ups!  And, the laughter that the kids' first attempts brought was also good for the abs!

Here's Markos' first attempt:

Here's Daniel's first attempt:

Sorry, no video of me.  I'm not THAT crazy!
Daniel has since mastered his technique and can now actually walk around WHILE he hula hoops.  It's quite impressive.  Markos has not yet mastered it, but he has discovered other fun things that he can do with the hula hoop.  Like this:

We got some new neighbors. They're really nice and friendly. My boys love them. As a result, we're having to teach them some social skills regarding neighborhood etiquette. Such as, when it's appropriate to scream 'hi' out the windows and when it's not. What it's ok to ask the neighbors and what it's not ok to ask the neighbors. That it's ok to say hi when they get home, but it's not ok to run up the driveway and across the road to ask where they were, what they were doing, and invite yourself in to dinner.   If nothing else, at least they can take comfort in the fact that our children will be diligently watching their home for intruders should they ever leave to go out of town.

Unlike the boys needing to watch for the neighbors, they need not watch for the boys because they can just listen for them.  They're loud.  Really loud. And they do things like this for entertainment:

I'm certain it's not safe, but at least I make them wear helmets.  Eric assures me that "They're boys.  That's what boys do.  If it's not dangerous, it's not fun."  I don't know about such things - being a girl and all - but as long as they're happily playing together outside, I'm going to go with it!!

Hope you're all enjoying the beautiful weather, too!

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