Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Excerpts from Second Grade Writing Journals...

Oh, how I LOVE when these come home from school with Daniel!  His teacher encourages them to write creatively, doing their best work and using their new vocabulary words, but they're free from correction or grading.  There are always spelling errors and grammatical errors, but they are priceless.  Each page has a box at the top for the kids to draw a picture to go with that day's writing, and a phrase to get them started.

Daniel is such a sweet, quirky, creative little boy.  He has surprised me with how he's excelled at reading, writing, and spelling this year.  He loves to include his 'robust vocabulary words' in our everyday conversations - which is hilarious at times.  I've found that his writing is no different.

My favorites from today are so numerous that I have to put them in a blog post to avoid numerous Facebook postings.   Some of my favorite quotes include:

In It's raining cats and dogs...,  
"stepped into the storm of raining cats and dogs, you step into a poodle!"
In If I were a giant...,
"I would be unstoppable!  If anything got in my way, I would smoosh them!   A lake would be a puddle and an ocean would be a lake!  I would step on trees, but except the spikey ones, they hurt.  They make me yell YOWSER!"
 In The sun...,
A fun fact is that the sun can go over one thousand degrees!  My favorite things to do are play with all my friends, eat lolypops or any ice cream and have water fights!

My favorite full entries are:

At recess you can play any tipe of game.  Its festive, and fantastically superb!  You can play a spacious amount of games.  I and you can play with your cautious friends.  Recess is a glorious thing!  Pretty much everybody likes recess.  That's a colossal amount of people!

Five Excuses for not doing my homework...
I'm sorry!

 If I were a book, I'd be...
If I were a book, I'd be a book about hockey.  I would have all the players.  Even the all stars players!  And don't forget the glossary, index, and table of contenints!  I would kinda like being a book!

 And last but not least,

Dear Mr. Leprechaun,...
Dear Mr. Leprechaun,
WHARE IS YOUR GOLD?  GIVE ME YOUR GOLD please NOW!  Then I will be nice. Oh sorry, you didn't here me.  GIVE ME YOUR GOLD!!!  WE'LL BE friends but first GIVE ME your GOLD!!!!!  Now I will be nice but give me your gold now or else you turn into a talking pizza.
From, Daniel
I wish I had time to scan all the pictures so I could post those as well, but alas, dinner calls. 

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