Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011 - Let the Festivities Begin!

On December 23rd, we arrived at my parents' house in time to visit for a few minutes, get air beds inflated, unload the van and get the kids to bed.   In addition to presents and clothes, the boys in my family also decided to take a respiratory virus along to share with the rest of the family.  (You're welcome.)  ;-)  It didn't appear to slow Daniel and Markos down much (notice I did not mention Eric). 

Due to Daniel's hockey tournament schedule, our visit was shorter this year than usual, so our days were pretty packed.  On Christmas Eve morning, my friends, Suzanne and Catherine, and Catherine's daughter came out to visit.  Lily loved the attention.  Markos received his first Christmas presents.

Markos and Daniel opening their gift from Suzanne

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like toys with which to shoot each other

When they left, the kids played while the adults women started making food and preparing for the annual family Christmas Eve party. 

Eric 'dying' on the couch

Lily would pretty much snuggle up with anyone who would let her

Once the kids were dressed in their nice clothes, we forced them to endure countless photos in front of the tree.  I think we *might* have gotten a handful of cute ones.

Markos thought these antlers were THE funniest, coolest things EVER

After the Grandmas both arrived, Mackenzie and Abby played some carols on the piano for MaMaw. 

Mackenzie & Abby providing musical entertainment for the evening
We ate (too much), laughed, visited.  The kids opened gifts from the Grandmas and their aunts & uncles.  The adults did their traditional "Wrap the Crap" exchange.  The kids played "Minute to Win It" games with M&Ms.

Just to prove that I was, indeed, present

Waiting for presents from Aunt Barb & Uncle Rick

Yay!  A truck that plays music!

Yay!  Stuff to build crafty things with!

Big kids "Minute to Win It"

Pappy with his mom, MaMaw (my grandma, my kids' Great-Grandma)

The kids with NaNa (my other Grandma, the kids' other Great-Grandma)
 And then, when the party was over and everyone left, the kids changed into their Christmas pajamas and set to work preparing for Santa's arrival.  Markos dumped sprinkled his "reindeer food" that he made in preschool out on the back patio.  The kids each put a cookie out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer and the adults anxiously awaited the sound of sleeping children so they could make their preparations and get to bed, too!

Markos putting out the "reindeer food"
Markos "fixing" the pile of reindeer food

Cookies out for Santa

The sweetest, cutest bunch of kids in the world, ready for bed so Santa will come!

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