Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Fun

It seems like, lately, every weekend is insanely busy and leaves me thinking, "shoo, that's over with, now things will settle down" only to find that the next weekend is equally as busy!  Last weekend was Mackenzie's first Homecoming at the high school -- football game with friends on Friday night, nails & hair Friday and Saturday, and then the big Homecoming Dance on Saturday night.  I posted some pictures on Facebook, but Kenz likes her privacy now, so I don't post much about her activities.

This weekend, Daniel had a hockey game on Friday night, then on Saturday, we took our annual trip to Simmon's Farm to get pumpkins and goof around in the beautiful autumn weather.  It was Markos' first trip to the farm.  He was initially worried about the hay ride, asking if it was "scary", and if it was "fast", and finally if it was "like a roller coaster".  :-)  No, it's not scary, and not fast, and nothing like a roller coaster.  He enjoyed it, and kept cracking me up, calling it a "Haiti ride".

Hay Ride anyone?

Daniel and Markos on the hay ride

all 3 kids enjoying the "Haiti ride"

Almost to the pumpkin patch and activity area

Eric and Markos jumping on the pile of tires

Possibly the cutest little witch, EVER!

Markos heading into the tunnel while Daniel climbs up through the tires

Ready to do the huge slide

The Slide!

Eric, painfully, taking his turn after sending the boys down

Markos giving me a hug after he made it down the slide by himself!

Markos running back and forth to the corn field while waiting for Daniel to go up and do the slide again.  The boy has to stay busy somehow!

Taking pictures with his big sister!

Here comes Daniel!

The boys coming out of the hay maze

Running to the fire truck slide

Driving the fire truck
Apple Sling-shots
Even Mommy took a turn!

Daddy's turn was not nearly as hilarious (to us) as last year's incident, but his apple traveled the furthest.

Markos was not impressed by the tire swings - especially with Daniel pushing him.

Kenzie enjoyed the swings - even if Eric was trying to push her into the tree.

Daniel being a goofball.

Apparently, it's impossible for him to be on the tire swing without making a "silly face".

The 3 kids ready to pick out a pumpkin.

Markos got to pick this year since it was his very first ever trip to a pumpkin patch.

Bagging the pumpkin so Daddy could carry it back to the van.