Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just for Giggles

Just a quick post to pass along a few funnies from recent days.  Markos' English language development continues to amaze us.  I've started working with him with the Child 1st curriculum that I used with Daniel and he now recognizes the letters A, T, F, C, S, and O.  He's loving the stories and is very proud of himself when I quiz him and he answers correctly.  Very cute!  We have, however, discovered that, as impressive as his vocabulary is, there are still lapses in understanding.

Early last week, I noticed his preschool teacher's phone number on our caller ID.  My first reaction was 'oh no! Why is she calling?'.  She didn't leave a message, so I tried not to worry about it.  Then I ran into her in the hall the next morning (and no, Eric, I didn't "knock her down" -- Eric's standard joke when I use that expression). 

She started laughing as she approached me and said, "oh, Lori, I have to tell you, Markos is SO FUNNY!".  She proceeded to tell me how they were putting stickers on these large letter 'S' papers, but some of the stickers were those very old kind that you have to lick to get them to stick.  Apparently, Markos was trying to stick them on like the stickers he's used to and got frustrated and said, "these won't work!  These stickers don't work!"  Without thinking, she said, "You have to lick them, Markos.  Lick them and then they'll stick." 

Unfortunately, she didn't think to clarify that you have to lick the BACK of the sticker.  :-)  So, Markos proceeded to lick a whole bunch of the sticker FRONTS and then complained, "they still don't work!!  I licked them, but they still don't work!"  The teacher said they were all soaking wet, on the front, but obviously still weren't sticking.  Oops.

Then, today, I was trying to rush Daniel and Markos to get them ready to go somewhere.  I was getting irritated and was barking orders at both of them.  As I was rushing in my room to get ready, I said, "Markos, go to the bathroom!".  I kept on getting ready and about 5 seconds later, after hearing no water running or anything else, Markos comes be-bopping into our room.  Eric says, "Markos!  Your mom told you to go to the bathroom!" and he says, "I did.  I already went IN the bathroom."

D'oh!  It was one of those ah-ha moments.  No, no, Markos, not just go in the bathroom...go in the bathroom and actually PEE in the potty and wash your hands!!

So THESE are the subtle things that our adoption pediatrician was talking about with regards to understanding the English language when she encouraged us to enroll him in ESL when he starts school even if we think his vocabulary is amazing.  :-)

Lastly, I was cracking up earlier as I looked through a CD of pictures and videos that a hockey friend gave me with copies of their pictures and videos from the day that Daniel got to play hockey at Consol Energy Center.  There were videos of him playing hockey.  There were tons of pictures of them getting dressed, of the Pens players playing, of Consol, but my very favorite video on the disc was this one of Daniel and his buddy, Luke, dancing in the stands as they watched the Pens game.  Too cute!!!  (He gets his dance moves from Eric!)  ;-)