Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Snapshots

The summer continues to go full speed ahead.  I have no time for sitting at the computer.  It's rather ironic that when we have a ton going on that I could blog about, I have no time for blogging!  Oh well, as a speedy substitute, here are a few quick snapshots (from my phone - forgive the cruddy pics) of July thus far.

As you know, I went to Hilton Head with some friends at the end of June.  Eric texted me while I was away.  His first few texts were in response to texts that I had sent him asking things like...."Did you remember to take Markos to blah blah blah?"....."Did Daniel eat ok?"....."How was Mackenzie's piano lesson?".  After a few of these 'control-freak out of control and going crazy' sort of texts from me, he sent the following message:

"The children are alive and well.  The chances of their survival is about 99%.  Just have fun."

However, the next day, the following texts arrived:

"OH NO!"

"The TV just totally died and won't turn back on!"

"No Wii.  No videos.  No TV."

"The chance of the children's survival has just decreased by 10%."

My friends and I laughed and one asked, "what is he going to do?".  Without a thought, I said, "oh, I can tell you what he's going to do.  I'm going to go home to find a new flat screen TV in our house."  Thankfully, Eric had just received a surprise influx of money from a stock sale from work, so unlike most large purchases he makes, I wasn't too mad at the thought.  Our dead TV was one of those very old, very huge, very heavy TVs that was about....well, 14 years old.  I know this because it was part of the prize package that Eric won when he was on Wheel of Fortune when Mackenzie was only a few months old.  (Yes, Eric was on Wheel of Fortune.  Yes, it was super fun.  Yes, I went with him.  It was the first time we ever left Mackenzie for a weekend...and I was breastfeeding.  Talk about required preparation for a trip!!)

Anyway, the only problematic part of this purchase was that the old TV sat in a big, old entertainment center that held a LOT of STUFF.  So, I also returned home to find 2 large rubbermaid bins and 2 cardboard boxes filled with DVDs, videotapes, video camera 8 mm tapes, old 35 mm cameras, etc, etc, etc.  We have company coming this weekend, so I have been racing around trying to find something to do with all.this.stuff!!  A quick trip (er, as quick of a trip as one can make) to IKEA and I found these handy, dandy little shelf things that hold DVDs and VCR tapes.  A few hours of sorting stuff and getting rid of old tapes and having Eric drill holes in the wall to hang them, and voila....

This required the loss of several of hours of sleep one night because this week also included:

Swim lessons for both boys every day:

And Vacation Bible School every evening:

We had lots of projects planned for the house for this summer.  However, we've been so busy that none of them have happened thus far.  

We went to the lake house for a long weekend over the 4th of July.  Our friends, the Wargo's, went with us.  We had a great time.

6 kids:

2 dogs:

14 Snakes (was that the count?  I lost track.):


Playing at the beach:

Playing in the cabin:

And lots of time walking in the woods:
Upon returning from our trip, Chelle' gave us a thank you gift.  This gift did not help my chances of motivating Eric to get working on any of the house projects either!  

My sister and her family are arriving for a visit tomorrow so the house needs cleaned and I need to go grocery shopping.  We also go to the beach in a few weeks.  So, we needed to make arrangements for Miss Lily for while we're gone.  Chelle' graciously offered to watch Lily for us, but after seeing the way that Lily "played" with Thor at the lake (see above picture), I thought it best to make other arrangements.  (I'd feel really badly if my dog accidentally killed my friend's dog!) So, a few days ago, Lily spent the day at Camp Bow Wow for her "interview & assessment" to determine if she was allowed to visit the camp again.   She was on her best behavior and I'm pleased to report that she will be spending 10 days at Camp Bow Wow while we're at the beach.  

She played hard at her first day of camp.  When Kenzie and I picked her up, she fell asleep the second she got in the van.  Mackenzie tried to scratch under her chain and she actually fell asleep with her head in Mackenzie's hand.  Very cute.  Doggy daycare. *might* be worth the money occasionally!!  Like when you have company coming, VBS, swim lessons, piano lessons, tennis lessons, travel vaccinations, and puppy class all in the same week....