Monday, June 27, 2011

Heaven....Er, Hilton Head

I've been M.I.A. from the blog-o-sphere lately.  Partially due to school finally being out and therefore children being annoying home more, and partially because I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Hilton Head with 5 of my very dearest friends from high school.  Yes, I said high school.

The view off our balcony looking out at the pool/ocean
the beach in front of the villa

We all turned 40 this year (or will be turning 40 soon).  They teased me that having a January birthday isn't quite as great now as it was back in the day.  First to turn 16.  First to get a driver's license.  First to turn 21.  First to legally have a drink.  Now...first to turn 40...first to turn 50...first to need a hip replacement....  Some had the nerve to rub it in that they aren't 40 yet, but their day is coming.  Soon.  Very, very soon, Shelly, Catherine & Katie!!  :-)

Suzanne and I

Anyway, our friend Suzanne has a time share in Hilton Head and generously offered to let us all stay there for our first (annual) girl's beach trip!  It was incredible.  We laughed and laughed and laughed some more.  Some of us were more relaxed than we've been....since before we had kids.  The villa was beautiful.  The weather was almost too hot.  Thank goodness that Suzanne, in her infinite wisdom, rented a cabana for us at the pool for the days we were there or we'd have all certainly come home crispy.

Our Cabana BEFORE we laid stuff everywhere, and completely hogged all the lounge chairs within a 1/4 mile
Our cabana after we junked it up
We played games poolside.  Suzanne and I failed miserably at "Minute to Win it".  Although, I have to tell you that I was seriously given two nearly impossible tasks.  One involved chugging Diet Pepsi (EWW!  I'm a Diet Coke drinker!) and then needing to get the FOUR cans to stand up, tilted on that little flat edge around the bottom of the can...on a not-so-nice table...on a pool deck...right by the the breeze.  Uh.  Yea.  Not happening!  After the girls who were running the game realized that this was possibly impossible, they gave me a different challenge -- take your shaking hands after just chugging Diet Pepsi with caffeine in front of a bunch of people, and stack these golf balls...on the same cruddy table...on the same pool the same ocean breeze.  Uh.  Yea.  Not happening.

the bar and salt water pool - ahhhh, can you say "refreshing"?!!

Shelly, on the other hand, completely dominated at "Name that Tune" the next day.  Sure, we cheated a little with our smart phones.  Sure, we were all working together.  But, what happens in the cabana stays in the cabana!  And, she won fair and square all by herself in a tie-breaker face-off against Cindy from Louisville.  Yea - we weren't making friends that day.  The West Side (Elementary) girls were getting a lot of dirty looks.  We might have been just a tad obnoxious with our cheering and laughing.  Maybe.  Just a little.
dinner at Frankie Bones
We went out to dinner every night.  Without kids.  Without worrying about food allergies.  Without schedules or bedtimes or babysitters.  Ahhhh.  Heaven.   We stayed up too late.  We talked about ridiculous things (thanks to the game, Zobmondo).  We acted like immature goofballs (thanks to Suzanne and her surprises).  We also cried together about losing pets and talked about the loss of parents and brothers and life as we once knew it. 

We joked before we went on this trip about how it was going to go.  Would we actually all still like each other enough to vacation together?  Would 5 days be way too long? Would we share rooms with the friend who snored?  Would WE snore?  Would anyone get arrested?  (KIDDING!!)

We all shared a lot of fun times and many years together back in elementary school, middle school, and high school.  Some of us spent some college years together, too.  However, in the years since then, we have all led very different lives.  We totally run the gamete -- single without children, single mom, divorced, remarried, married with 2 kids, married with 3 kids, triathletes, runners, vegetarian, cat-lovers, dog-lovers, grad students, career women, stay-at-home moms, liberal democrats and die-hard republicans.  Some of us talk frequently.  Some of us only once or twice a year.  Some of us are on Facebook; some of us are losers not.  We live all over the U.S. -- Pittsburgh, PA; Wilmington, NC; Albuquerque, NM; Bettendorf, Iowa; and Laurel, Maryland.  Yet, we all still get along.  (Although, we were NOT stupid enough to discuss politics while there!)  We care for each other and have since we were all little girls in small-town, Cumberland, MD.  Friendships really can last a lifetime, across many miles, and ours have!

dinner at the Boathouse

Love, love, loved hanging out with these "old" friends (YES!!  I KNOW I'm the oldest!!), talking about fun memories while making new ones.  Can't wait until we can do it again!  (Seriously.  Can't. Wait.  Like, is next month too soon?)