Thursday, June 16, 2011

New School Luau

Busy day today.

Daniel had Olympic Day at his current school.  (Yes, my children are STILL in school due to the Bethel Park teacher's strike!)

Markos got his first haircut since joining our family. 
Much like every other aspect of caring for Markos' hair and skin, this required a little research first.  (If you haven't noticed, his hair is a *little* bit more curly and dry than ours.)  After checking with Google and watching a few YouTube videos, we were pretty sure that Eric could handle it, so he went ahead and broke out the Wahl.  Markos handled it very well and told us all about getting his hair cut in Ethiopia.

Then, this evening, we went to a Luau at the new school that Daniel is being redistricted to next year.  It was nice.  They had different stations with games and crafts and food, scattered throughout the school so we could see the new school and start to learn our way around.

Markos had a blast!  It was the first time that he has been in a fairly large group setting where he jumped right in and participated without acting shy.  He loved playing musical chairs.  He amazed me with how well he could string beads and make a beaded bracelet!  I would have never guessed his fine motor skills would have been that good.  He was fast about it, too.  Again, he told me that he had done it in Ethiopia before.   (Have I told you before how wonderful the care was that he received in the orphanage there?  There are so many things like this that he has obviously had experience with before.  When I ask him about it, his answer is always the same, "E-tee-opia.  Markos do this, E-tee-opia.")

He and Daniel did several games involving tossing various things into other things -- balls in pools, bean bags in pineapples, etc.  They "fished".  And, they hula-hooped.  This was, by far, the most fun to watch...for a short while....then I felt a little ill watching.  You must see it for yourself -- Markos' style of hula hooping!  *This* he had not done before.  Obviously.