Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Miss Lily home!!

I had posted last week, but Blogger had issues and deleted everyone's posts.  They supposedly replaced them, but mine mysteriously did not return.  In that post, I introduced the new puppy that we were en route to go and purchase in South Carolina.  I also explained how it came to be that my family took advantage of me convinced me that this was a good idea.  If you missed said post, well, it doesn't really matter now.  It's a done deal.  Lily is now part of our family.

On Saturday morning, we got up early and drove to Charlotte, NC.  Thankfully, we had an awesome trip - little traffic, made great time, the kids were much better behaved than we expected, and we arrived and checked into our hotel before 4:00 pm!

The free evening in Charlotte was a huge blessing because one of my dearest friends in the world moved just south of Charlotte over 10 years ago.  Other than she and I meeting up at MOPS conventions through the years, we hadn't seen each other in a long time.  I had never gotten to see their new house, and when they came through Pittsburgh this past summer, it just so happened that it was when we were on vacation at the beach.  Their house was only about 30 minutes from the hotel where we were staying, so we spent the entire evening with them.  We ate dinner at their house.  The kids played.  They all got to meet Markos - which was extra special because they are in the process of adopting a little girl from India.  Late into the night, Susan and I sat in one room and talked, while Eric and Dave sat in another room and talked.  With some friends, you can not talk often or not see each other frequently, but when you do, you just pick right back up where you left off.  These are those kind of friends.    You know, the same kind of friends that you still miss terribly even after all the years that they've been gone.

On Sunday morning, we woke up early and, after breakfast, got on the road again to go pick up our new puppy.  We had to drive about an hour and a half to Gaffney, SC to get the puppy.  We knew there was a chance that the breeder would not be back from a trip they were on when we got there.  They were not, but there was a house-sitter there, ready for us.  She was holding our new little girl.  She was snuggled up on her chest, with her face buried under the ladies' chin.  She was shaking and much smaller than we expected her to be.  She was absolutely adorable.  So sweet. So precious.  We took care of the paperwork and settled into the van.

We had taken one of the middle seats out and I was in the back with Daniel.  Markos was in his car seat in the remaining middle seat.  Eric was driving with Kenzie up front (she has been getting car sick lately, so the back seat wasn't a great idea for such a long drive for her, plus we figured that I would need to manage the puppy.)  Turns out that wasn't as difficult of a job as we expected either.  She was so sweet, she would just snuggle up on my lap, or with her head on my lap while she laid on her doggie bed between Daniel and I.  She slept on and off almost the entire trip.

We began discussing names the second we pulled down the breeder's driveway.  We settled on "Lily" (the spelling of which, we have not yet settled on!  Eric keeps spelling it wrong putting an extra L in it - "Lilly".  I spell it correctly "Lily".)

Sweet girl!

The kids finally have a new dog!

When we arrived home, we let her try out her new "doggie trolley" that Eric installed over our front yard.  She liked it ok.  She wasn't a fan of being in the grass, and she is still somewhat clumsy with those big long legs (think: 1 hour old fawn).  :-)

 She didn't eat much on the way home, but it was a LONG car trip .  And, she made up for it all throughout the night when she decided to try to kill me stay up most of the night.  We are crating her in our bedroom at night, but she apparently missed her momma and whimpered and cried a lot - unless I laid on the floor next to her crate and put my hand in the crate so she could sleep on my hand or arm.  Very sweet and cute, but oh man, I pray she starts sleeping better tonight soon!!  We took the advice of our vet and put a stuffed animal in her crate with her today.  I thought it was only fitting that she get the lion that I purchased for Markos, which he hated and was terrified of, since Rhodesian Ridgebacks were bred in Africa to hunt lions and protect families and children when the men were away from the home.  She is apparently a lover, not a fighter though. 

I took her to vet today just so Eric and I wouldn't worry about her non-stop until Wednesday when I had originally scheduled an appointment for her.  Neither of us really remember what it's like to have a young puppy, so we kept wondering "is this normal"..."is she ok?"...."I hope she's not sick".  Happy to report that, not only is she not sick, she also does not have a hernia like we were told (and were given a small discount for when we purchased her).  The vet thinks it's just a little excess skin from where the umbilical cord was not cut close enough.  He'll tuck it in when he does her spaying.  He said she looks great, so we're relieved.

She is definitely a doll baby and she's definitely going to be a big girl if she grows into her feet and into all the excess skin she has wrinkled around her face and neck.  So far, she is doing AMAZING with the housebreaking.  One pee pee accident but that is it!!  Go Lily, go Lily!!