Friday, January 28, 2011

We're Home!

I am completely exhausted after these emotional, stressful, joyful 2 weeks in Ethiopia.  No details about the trip now (because I'm lucky that I can remember my own name at this point), but just wanted to let everyone know that we made it home safe and sound.  Thus far things are going amazingly well.  Markos was surely picked by God for our family.  He is a laugh a minute and we are so thrilled that he is here to stay FOREVER!

A few pictures and video clips before I crash for a few days, possibly weeks:

Markos' during our visit to his care center before our trip to Durame

What a laugh!!

Markos and I with my surprise birthday cake on my 40th birthday - the day that we left Ethiopia to bring him home.

Finally home!!

Checking out the playroom

Daniel is so excited to be a big brother!

Mackenzie showing Markos how the toys work

Daniel and Markos dancing and laughing

Markos' first night at home, snuggled on the couch with the kids, watching Thomas