Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Ethiopia

We arrived in Ethiopia at 8 AM this morning.  Our flight was as good as could be expected.  The flight wasn't full so we had an empty seat next to us.  This is a blessing on a 14+ hour flight!!!  Especially one on which none of the TVs in front of your row of seats are working so you can't watch any movies.  Unfortunately, I still couldn't sleep, but I did, at least, lay down and try.  Unfortunately, one of the couples from our travel group were attempting to fly out of Vermont in a snow/ice storm and their flights were all canceled.  They tried to rearrange flights as best they could, but ended up driving to Montreal in order to be able to catch a flight to Germany so they could make a flight to ET.  They were to arrive on the same flight that we were on this morning, but instead will be arriving here soon.  We are happy that they were able to arrive on the same day, just later in the day.

It is Timkat in Ethiopia today (and for the next 2 days).  If you don't know what that is, you can read about it here:
We went out and drove through Addis today to see some of the processions, then we went to the main festival site and walked around, watched the festivities, talked with some of the children, tried some new foods (pray for no ill effects), and just generally LOVED seeing this amazing time of worship.  I can't upload pictures here, but I will post pictures and videos when we are home (and recovered).

Tomorrow, we are traveling north of Addis to Debre Libanos, and to a variety of other sites along the way.  I can't wait!  Then, we will get to start our time with our sweet Markos on Friday!  Really can't wait for that!!

We met some other adoptive couples at the airport and at our guest house.  I can't begin to tell you how incredibly awesome it is to be amongst this group of people, to share this love, to share this experience.  Despite these new people being with two other agencies, their hearts are the same.  My old MOPS friends, you remember how you teased me when I found out I was pregnant with Daniel when Mackenzie started school and you teased me that I only got pregnant so I could stay in MOPS with all of you?  Well.....if we would decide to adopt again, it will not be solely for that reason, but I have to say, it certainly doesn't hurt!!  :-)

Love to you all from Ethiopia!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Introducing Markos!!

Wooooo hooooo!!! The moment that many of you have been waiting for! We're finally on our way to pick up our son and are therefore allowed to publicly share pictures. Enjoy!!

This is the very first picture taken when Markos entered care. It was taken in Wolayta at the orphanage there. Unfortunately, when they first opened, their digital camera usage or camera was poor and all the pictures received from there were these tiny little images.

Thankfully, Markos was moved to Addis fairly quickly so we also received these 2 pictures with his referral packet:

Our first picture update:

Our second set of update pictures:

Finally, a few pictures from our first trip to Ethiopia:

(this is not the greatest picture of me, but look at his big, beautiful, brown eyes!)

Can't wait to share many more happy, smiley pictures of Markos in the future!