Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year, Happy News, Happy Birthday!

Well, it finally came -- our much-awaited travel email!! It's official. We are being submitted to attend a visa interview on January 25th at the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia. Therefore, we will be flying out of Pittsburgh on January 18th! (Holy cow! That's only 15 days away.) We will have a free day in Ethiopia when we arrive because in order to get the flight schedule that we wanted on the way home when we have Markos with us, we had to fly in a day early.

If all goes as has typically gone with other travel groups, our schedule will be:
  • Jan. 18th - leave Pittsburgh at some unGodly hour in the morning & fly all day & night to arrive in Addis Ababa, ET the next day
  • Jan. 19th - arrive in Addis, check into the hotel, and hopefully do some sight-seeing, visit AHOPE, etc. for the day
  • Jan. 20th - more sight-seeing, meet up with the other families that are arriving that day
  • Jan. 21st - visit with Markos at the care center, talk with the nannies to learn his routine, etc.
  • Jan. 22nd - spend more time with Markos at the care center
  • Jan. 23rd - drive south, 6 hours, to Durame to meet with Markos' birth family
  • Jan. 24th - return from Southern Ethiopia and take custody of Markos that evening
  • Jan. 25th - attend our visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia
  • Jan. 26th - attend farewell ceremony for Markos at the care center so he can say goodbye to his friends and the nannies that have cared for him this past year (sniffle, sniffle)
  • Jan. 27th - collect Markos' completed visa packet from the U.S. Embassy that afternoon so we can fly out that night to bring him home -- ON MY 40th BIRTHDAY!!!
  • Jan. 28th - arrive back in Pittsburgh with our new son
There couldn't be a better birthday present than to finally get to bring our new son home! Praise God for His provision, His timing, His goodness, and His faithfulness this past year as we've journeyed along this adoption path, and always!!

Additionally, we have talked with the families that we were fortunate to have traveled with for our court date and we are blessed to be traveling with ALL of them again this trip! I am so very happy to get to see them all again and spend time with them in Ethiopia with our new children!

Happy New Year!! And, what a happy birthday it will be!!