Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Artists at Work

Eric and the kids finally carved the pumpkins on Sunday.  The kids drew their design on paper and then passed it off to Dad who was supposed to be able to work miracles.  ;-)  He actually did a pretty good job, aside from refusing to even attempt a few of Mackenzie's creations without a carving kit.  (Mental note: Must buy carving kit for next year.)

Eric doing the dad thing, and keeping me away from sharp knives
Markos was excited to pull the goo out of his pumpkin.

Markos scooping out his first pumpkin
Even the "brain", as Daniel calls it -- that last big gob that is attached to the bottom of the pumpkin and tends to come out in one giant clump.

Markos with "the brain"

Daniel has come a long way from being that kid who would cry if he was forced to touch something that didn't "feel" right to him.

Daniel scooping out his pumpkin
He also took delight in removing "the brain".

Daniel with "the brain"
Daniel's design.  (don't ask about the star.  We have NO idea.)

Daniel's pumpkin

Markos' design.  He wanted his pumpkin to "have a happy face" and a "nose like us".  This is about as good as it gets.

Markos' pumpkin
The boys with their creations before we put candles inside.

The boys with their masterpieces
OOOOhhhh.  Spooky.....and happy. 

Mackenzie wanted her pumpkin "to be different".  And apparently funny too.  She got the green "heirloom pumpkin", which was unbelievably thick and smelled like cantelope.  (weird, but pretty).  Eric refused to attempt to carve the "C" and "U", even though Kenzie suggested that he could do it if he used a drill with a tiny bit and made a series of holes in the pumpkin.  He said SHE could use a drill and make a series of holes in the pumpkin.  She opted for a Sharpee instead.  She's a smart girl.

Mackenzie's pumpkin

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