Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A is for...




Just a quick little story about Markos.

Markos is attending preschool now.  He loves it (most days).  I have been working with him at home to help him to learn his letters, but he seems to be doing well even without my help.  Unlike Daniel, Markos actually will tell me every excruciating detail about his day when he gets home.  

Last week, they were working on the letter 'A'.  When I picked Markos up, I asked him what he did at school and this was our conversation:
Markos:  We learned about Jesus today.
Me:  You did?  What did you learn about?
 Markos:  About Adam and Eve.
Me:  What about Adam and Eve?
Markos:  They eat the apple, but God said "NO!".
Me:  That's right; He did.
Markos:  The apple make them die, but Jesus come to make them better again.
Anytime my kids talk about what they're learning about God and Jesus, it warms my heart.  And, of course, this warmed my heart, but more than that, it amazed me.  Here is this little boy who only 8 1/2 months ago, arrived in the United States speaking no English at all, now he's learning his letters and telling his proud Mommy Old Testament stories like he's been hearing them for years in Sunday School class.  

Although at times, Markos is attention-seeking and hyper and won't stop talking for anything, he is also smart!  Really smart!  And amazing!  

Tomorrow, I'm going with his preschool class on their field trip to the farm.  Markos is very excited.  He told the ladies at Mother's Day Out all about it today, apparently.  

They're learning the letter 'F' this week.  'F' is for farm.  But Markos is most excited about....B!  

B is for Bus!  

He finally gets to ride on a school bus.  He's been begging to ride the bus since he first arrived here early this year.  Here's hoping he doesn't wake up earlier than normal tomorrow morning in his excitement!  Come to think of it, I should go to bed.  Now. 

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