Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hi, My Name is Lily

I was such a cute puppy!!

And I love to cuddle with my humans in their comfy, cozy bed!

Every day, I sit and watch for the kids to come home and play with me!

Unlike the little Ethiopian here, I LOVE to take naps - mostly on the bed or couch!

Poor me.  Like that other little boy here, I have lots of allergies and am currently not eating beef or chicken.  That means no yummy Pupperoni or beefy steak treats - only organic lamb and duck.  Yuck!!

The human lady says it's a good thing that I'm so cute.  Whatever.  She's not easy to please.

I tried to get rid of those ugly day lilies, but apparently, my human actually liked them there!

She also didn't seem too happy that I got dirt all over the porch.  Geez.  Not sure how she expected me to dig up all the flowers without getting a little dirt all over the place!

They also didn't appreciate the giant hole that I dug in the yard.  Hmmpf!  I mean, I know they got that zappy fence so I can run in the entire yard now, but geez, I need to entertain myself somehow out there. 

I left one of the kids' windmill things, and didn't dare touch the stone that said, "Don't make me come down there.  -God"    I think that was pretty smart of me.  Again, the humans didn't seem to appreciate it.

The human lady got these things out and put them on the table.  She says that my world is about to change.  Oh boy, I can't wait!  I hope this means that I won't get put in this crate anymore!

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