Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th

10 years ago on this day, Americans crowded around TVs across this nation - scared, crying, mourning, and angry.

Terrorist attacks.
Senseless violence.  
Devastating destruction.  
Lives Lost.

But 8 years ago on this day, for our family, the sad memories and memorial services were overshadowed by the birth of our first boy.

Big and healthy baby boy.
Uncomplicated delivery.
Overjoyed mommy & daddy.
Sweet "big sister".

Having a boy has been challenging and exhausting, but also a lot of fun and filled with laughter.  Boys really ARE different - and not just anatomically!  ;-)  Daniel has taught this up-tight, obsessive-compulsive, perfectionistic Momma to relax (a little) and enjoy life more.  Frankly, he gave me little  choice in the matter.  It was that or lose my mind.  I used to laugh with my friend Karen that it was a good thing that I scrapbooked because at least when he destroyed things and made awful messes, I could say, "Oh well, this will make a cute page in his book" while I snapped a few pictures.  There are a lot a pictures.

Happy birthday, Daniel!

Sweet baby boy
Playing the part of the baby Jesus
Uh oh!  Learning to walk
Really, really messy!
But so stinkin' cute!
Really, really cute!
Sweet boy

Daniel was so excited to wake on his birthday today to go to his first ice hockey game with SHAHA.  He got his official jerseys with his name and the number that he chose -- #93.  And, he scored 3 goals! What a great way to celebrate!

Daniel & his buddy Luke
Daniel and Luke wearing their new jerseys

Daniel playing center
8 years old!  And still cute enough to get away with a lot of stuff!

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