Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Apologies to all the Dolphins...

...and other marine animals that are negatively affected by the releasing of helium-filled balloons into the atmosphere.

Marine Biologists everywhere, if you find this:

in the blow hole of some dead whale somewhere, it's my fault.

I couldn't resist Markos' pleas any longer.  He got this balloon at Daniel's birthday party yesterday.  Everytime he moved it from building to car or car to building, he received numerous reminders, "Don't let go of that, Markos, or it will float away and you won't get it back."

Today, he decided to take it outside with him to play.  Again, I started with the warnings.  Except this time, his curiosity got the best of him and he proceeded to start begging if he could let it go.  Initially, I said no, that it wasn't good for the environment.  That if he did, he wouldn't get it back.  He insisted that he didn't care, that he really wanted to watch it float to the sky.

So, doing what every exhausted, annoyed, frustrated, defeated, supportive mother would do, I finally decided to let him see what a helium-filled balloon floating to the sky looked like.

He loved it!  That huge, light-up-his-whole-face smile of his shined more than the gold mylar balloon!  He pointed.  He kept yelling for me to look at it.  He chased it around to the other side of the house and up the driveway so he could watch it float up into the sky. 

Sometimes I forget that he's never experienced simple little things like that.

When the balloon was out of sight, he whipped around and with a huge grin on his face, he asked, "balloon up in sky?". 

I said, "yes - way up in the sky".

He asked, "far, far, away?".

I said, "yep".

And, he asked, "Jesus play with it?"

Now, with a smile on my face, I answered, "I don't know, buddy.  Maybe."

Who knows.  Jesus might like that shiny gold mylar balloon.  He surely loved Markos' delight in watching it!  I know I did!


  1. That is awesome! Although, I kinda hate smiling and crying at work - guys look at me kinda funny...