Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boys, Bouncy Balls, Boiling Points and Balloons

We finally had Daniel's 8th birthday party with his friends on Sunday.

A few weeks back, when he and I talked about what he wanted to do for his party this year, he said he wanted a "science" party.  He suggested the Carnegie Science Center, but he wanted to invite all his friends from school and hockey.  The thought of being responsible for 15 seven to eight year old boys in the Science Center was more than I could bear; so I was happy to discover on their website that they do "Science on the Go" birthday parties at your home or other location.  Additionally, the thought of 15 seven to eight year old boys in my home was more than I could bear; so I was also happy to discover that the Bethel Park Community Center rents out rooms for a fairly reasonable rate.

Oh, how happy I was with the choices I made!  :-)   
Boys are LOUD!  Really, really loud!
Boys are also active!  Really, really active!

(In fact, I was pleased to receive a call 
from the Community Center 
yesterday that they'd be sending me 
my deposit check back.  
Shooo!  That's a relief!)



In all seriousness, it wasn't too bad.  The boys were, for the most part, very well behaved for a bunch of young boys, many of whom, hadn't seen each other all summer and were moved to different schools this year due to the redistricting in Bethel Park.
Julie, from the Science Center, seemed completely unfazed by the boys' loudness.  She helped them all to make their own bouncy balls - explaining about polymers.
Markos making his bouncy ball
Daniel (with crazy hair after running around like a maniac) and David making their bouncy balls.
Max and Caeden making their balls

She let Daniel help her make play-doh. 

Each kid made their own "slime" (which I secretly advised all parents at pick-up to throw away that night after their children were asleep).

Making slime
More slime
And then, the most exciting part of the party -- she used liquid nitrogen to make ice cream for the kids to eat.  Nothing excites a bunch of boys more than hearing about how if they stick their finger or tongue into the liquid nitrogen, it will freeze and break off!  Throw some instant fog and boiling in and you've definitely got yourself a party!!

Daniel adding the ingredients to make ice cream



I have to tell you - it was seriously some of the best ice cream that I think I've ever had!  And, Daniel could actually eat it!  No allergens.  Just cream, sugar, salt, vanilla and some liquid nitrogen!  Woo hoo! 

Yum!  Liquid Nitrogen ice cream

Markos even ate his!
Of course, it had to be a hockey cake (even though Daniel couldn't eat that cake).  Yes, his nice Mommy made a special cake that he could eat.  It just wasn't pretty. Or decorated. Or appealing to the rest of the kids.



He got some great gifts and gift cards (which are burning a hole in his pocket)! 

More hockey stuff

More Penguins stuff

Surprisingly, Markos was actually pretty well behaved (for Markos).  He was a little confused about the gifts at first and was a tad irritated that they were all for Daniel with none for him, but he handled it ok.

Awww.  The sweet, innocent boys (and poor Kylee, the only girl).

Yea.  That's more like it!

Happy birthday, Daniel!

(Hallelujah!!  All kid's birthdays are finished until next year!  
Now, I just have to get through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas....)

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