Wednesday, August 10, 2011

King's Dominion, Part 2

After getting changed out of bathing suits and reapplying loads of sunscreen, we hit the pavement in search of rides that Markos was allowed to ride.  Unfortunately, he needs to grow about another 2 inches before he can really even ride the big rides that kids are allowed on with a parent.  However, there were several 'bigger' rides in the kiddie area that he rode with Mackenzie and Daniel.

Rarely am I willing to spend money on anything at amusement parks except food and drink, but with each child, it seems that I've splurged to purchase one picture of them on a ride that is just classic.  Markos was no exception.  This is his first ride on a roller coaster.  Not a huge coaster, but a fairly speedy one for little kids.  Hilarious! 

Markos first ride on a roller coaster
 What's even funnier is that because it was so dead in the park, most rides allowed us to just stay on if we wanted to ride them again.  Mackenzie and Daniel loved it and wanted to ride again, and so, he insisted that he liked it and wanted to ride again, too!  Until it started.  Then he started to cry and wanted off, crying the entire ride.  Sometimes his insistence on always getting exactly what the other 2 kids get works to his disadvantage!  (and no, I didn't splurge to buy the second picture.  It was much like the first, except with tears and Eric looking slightly annoyed.)

Markos and Daniel riding another kiddie coaster
Daniel and Markos riding the kiddie pirate ship
After Daniel rode several of the rides in the kiddie area with Markos that he was still short enough to ride, Eric took Daniel and Mackenzie out into the park to ride some of their favorites.  Markos and I spent a good bit of time in kiddie land, with him riding most rides a minimum of 3 times in a row.  OK, so being at an amusement park when it's 100 degrees does have SOME good perks!

He thought these cars were super cool because he could actually steer to some degree.

On the rare occasion where he had to wait for someone else to get on or off of a ride, this is how he waited.

Flying these planes was one of his favorites.  I think he rode about 10 times.

Also loved driving the trucks
We stayed until closing time.  I can't believe Markos never did fall asleep.  He was SO tired.  Poor thing.  By the time we returned the double stroller and I was carrying him to the van, he burst into tears.  I asked him what was wrong and he said, "I want to be home.  I'm tired.".  His sleeping at home is great, but he still has a hard time allowing himself to relax enough to settle down and go to sleep when we're out and about.

It was an amazing day - especially given the heat.  Our kids were all three troopers!  They rarely whined; they enjoyed themselves; they helped one another and got along; they didn't complain; and they even let me take pictures!  (that's a miracle in and of itself!)  It was some special Snoopy Spectacular or something like that when we were there, so we finished the night eating ice cream, while we watched fireworks and listened/watched the musical light show around the Eiffel tower.  And, as you can hear Daniel say at the end of the video, "that was SO COOL!".

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