Monday, August 15, 2011

Falling Apart, but Still Laughing

Our whole family is falling apart.  My thumb is smashed and broken in two places.  Daniel was at MedExpress yesterday for a bug bite gone bad.  Diagnosis - Staph infection.  Now today, Eric finally broke down and went to have his leg checked.  He's been hobbling around since our vacation when he hurt his calf muscle playing lacrosse on the beach.  His attitude until today was "I am not letting my body win this one."  Well, after today, score 1 for the aging body; 0 for Eric.  Diagnosis - most likely torn calf muscle, rule out blood clot.  So, he came home on crutches and will be having an ultrasound soon and then an appointment with the Orthopedic doctor.  (mental note:  should just add their # to the speed dial).

For those of you who have known our family for long, you know that this is nothing new.  Eric has had more than his share of injuries.  But, for Markos, this was apparently totally new....and hilarious!  

The second Eric walked hobbled came in the door, Markos' eyes lit up and he got a huge smile on his face as he exclaimed, "what's that?!".  I laughed and asked, "what do you think they are?".  He said he knew, so I continued to prod, "well, what are they?".

He laughed and shouted, "fake feet!"

Eric kinda chuckled, but did not find it all nearly as funny as I did.  (Apparently SOMEONE needs more pain medication!)  
However, even he had to laugh after he continued on his way to the dining room table and Markos, still watching with excited interest, burst out with, "HA HA HA!!  You're SWINGING!!". 

Hee hee.  And he kinda was.  
Glad Markos finds it all very funny and interesting.  His reaction certainly made it more entertaining for me.  And laughing is way better than crying.

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