Thursday, July 28, 2011

6 Months Home!!

Wow. Wow. Wow.  
It's our 6 month anniversary.  

The anniversary of the day...

Markos said Goodbye to the care center and his friends there.

Took a very long plane ride to America

Drove home from the airport in a "mini-bus-y"
(or minivan as most Americans call it!)

Met his new brother and sister

and started a life with his new family!

No more this...

or this...

or sleeping in this bed with another boy...

 or living here...

or playing here

Instead, in the past 6 months, he has gotten to....

play in the snow
laugh and dance and wrestle

take walks around the neighborhood

play at the park

learn to love Penguins hockey

have a big brother

play with cool toys

have a big sister

act totally silly

snuggle with Mommy

be tickled by Pappy

color Easter eggs

get Easter baskets

get all dressed up for Easter Sunday

act crazy

get a new bike helmet (which he wore throughout the entire Easter dinner!)

be dedicated to God with his church family

play in sprinklers

take hikes with Daddy

play at the lake

be wild on the slip n' slide

go to the pool (and take swimming lessons)

play in the sand

go kayaking

play soccer with the family

His eyes were filled with wonder, excitement, 
and a little fear 
on that first ride home from the airport....

...but he made sure there was constantly 
a new song to sing,
and we are so thankful for the joy that he brings 
to our family!!

Happy 6 months home!!

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  1. I'm crying like a baby at work. Happy 6 months Markos!!!