Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Fear!

It was HOT today!  Like, really, really, miserably hot.   Eric and I decided to take the boys to the pool after Daniel got home from school.  (Mackenzie was already at a friend's house swimming in their pool.)

It was pretty clear that Markos LOVED the pool.  It was also pretty clear that Markos doesn't have a single speck of fear of the water.

He continually attempted to walk to the deep end of the pool, despite Eric having already showed him that he could not touch the bottom without his head being under the water. 

He continually stuck his face under the water.  Sometimes he'd close his mouth and not breath the water in.  Sometimes he wouldn't.

He continually begged for us to let him go down the water slide....into the big pool...into the deep water....and couldn't seem to understand that he would have to SWIM to the side when he landed in the water.

Even when he'd slip under water, while jumping around acting like a fool, he still never seemed panicked to get himself up out of the water.  (I, on the other hand, was feeling panicked to grab him and yank him up out of the water!)

On the bright side, he will not be one of those children (like Daniel was) who freaks out every time another kid splashes water in his face, then immediately needs a towel to dry his face off.    He will also not be one of those children (like Daniel was) who completes a few sessions of swimming lessons before he will finally put his face underwater.

On the not-so-bright side, this does not look like it is going to be a summer where I can relax pool-side on my lounge chair with my book while occasionally looking up to watch the boys play in the pool.  (Darn it!)

And, yes, I've already enrolled him in swimming lessons.  Hopefully, they can help me to keep this kid from drowning this summer!

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