Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Firsts

When the rain stops and the sun shines and it's hot outside, it brings opportunities for new "firsts" for Markos.  In recent days, he's had his first fudgesicle.  He was not a fan -- too cold.  He's fallen and gotten his first scrapped knee of the summer - in America anyway.  I'm sure by the scars on his legs that he had plenty o' scrapped knees in Ethiopia!   He's had water gun battles and played with water balloons.  Today, he put on his new "Cars" bathing suit and his new water shoes, and played outside in the sprinkler with Daniel.

Daniel was hot and miserable when he got off the school bus.  I was mowing the grass, so Markos was hot from playing outside.  They had a blast.  (Lily was not a fan of the water but was very interested in the two of them running around and screaming like maniacs.)
Markos' chocolate skin sure did make Daniel look all the more "white"!

Seriously, Daniel, you need to eat, boy!


Little Miss Lily - 2 lbs heavier since last week's vet appt.  Does she look bigger already?

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  1. LOVED these pics. Nothing cuter than boys playing in the sprinkler. Made me long to have a certain 5 y/o boy home to play in a spinkler ;)