Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Extravaganza!

I love my kids.  They are very sweet (to me, not to each other!).  They try to spoil me, but frequently end up getting in each others' way while doing so! Yet, it's the thought that counts and I love their hearts!  I love that Mackenzie tries to plan the sweetest, most extravagant surprises for me.  I love that this was my first Mother's Day with Markos and he was able to make me a little paper flower at his "school".  I love that Daniel brought home a back pack full of treasures that he made me at school and could hardly wait until today to give them to me.

The older that Mackenzie gets, the more caring she gets and the harder she tries to do special things for me on my birthday, on Mother's Day, when I'm sick, etc.  I am sure she was the mastermind behind most of my Mother's Day showering of love and gifts today, but Daniel was also very excited.  Markos....well, he doesn't quite understand Mother's Day yet, but the other two attempted (unsuccessfully) to force his joyful and cooperative participation. I'm not Eric's mother (although I am known to act as such at times), but he is a pretty special husband and dad and he assisted the kids with their plans for the day.

Eric leaves for church before the rest of the family because he plays with the praise band at both services.  Because he had to leave, Mackenzie got up early and tried her best to keep the boys from waking me up.  She was also apparently hard at work downstairs for the first of my many surprises.  When I finally got up, this sign greeted me on the wall downstairs:

She made it when she was home from school sick on Thursday and Friday.  You can't see all the detail, but each letter is individually decorated with glitter glue and other designs.  Very cute.

When I saw the sign, I also smelled my breakfast that she was cooking -- french toast.  She did a great job and it was very yummy.  She also washed the dishes afterwards without me having to tell her to do so.

While we were getting ready for church, they tried to remind one another not to fight, not to yell, that it was Mother's Day.  Problem is, we have apparently raised three children who are all total control freaks and refuse to be told what to do by anyone that they don't absolutely have to obey so the more they tried to control one another, the more they fought.  (ugh.)

Thankfully, they did all cooperate very nicely with getting ready to go to church and, for once, we were out the door, on time, without me getting mad and yelling at someone to get moving.

After church, we went out to lunch.  I rarely cook on a normal weekend, so I am certainly not cooking on Mother's Day.  (Nor would they have asked me to.)  We already had 2 cars at lunch, so after we finished, I took the boys and went home and Eric took Mackenzie to the grocery store.  Apparently, she wanted them to cook me dinner, so they had ingredients to buy.  Once we got home, Daniel relaxed on the couch and Markos laid down for his nap.  I found myself suddenly sleepy and joined Markos for a nap.  Eric also found himself sleepy after they finished putting the groceries away so he joined us, too.  Once Markos woke up, I continued to hear the attempts of each of the kids trying to control the others so they would keep quiet to ensure that I got a nice Mother's Day nap, but their fighting kept waking me up.  :-)

After my nap, it was gift time.  The time the kids had anxiously been waiting for!  I was ushered into Mackenzie's room for the production.  The production was kicked off with a song.  A song written by the kids, accompanied by Mackenzie on her keyboard, and sung by Mackenzie and Daniel (although Daniel did most of the singing because Mackenzie's throat still hurt and she had mostly lost her voice).  The song was sung to the tune of "The 12 Days of Christmas".

Before they began, I wanted to videotape the song.  As it turned out, I am glad that Mackenzie threw a fit and didn't want it videotaped.  Part way through, Daniel started to feel self-conscious because he was mostly singing alone because of Mackenzie's throat, Mackenzie was yelling at Daniel because he was singing really quiet and kept getting lost in the words and then she'd have to keep playing parts over again.  On about day 9, Eric joined Daniel to attempt to salvage the production and things got much better.  The lyrics mostly tied to gifts that I was given.  They included:
On the 1st day of Mother's Day, my children gave to me a huge  "Happy Mother's Day " sign.

On the 2nd day of Mother's Day, my children gave to me 2 homemade meals, and a huge "Happy Mother's Day" sign.

On the 3rd day of Mother's Day, my children gave to me 3 special cards, 2 homemade meals, and a huge  "Happy Mother's Day" sign.

On the 4th day of Mother's Day, my children gave to me a paper vacation, 3 special cards, 2 homemade meals, and a huge  "Happy Mother's Day" sign.

On the 5th day of Mother's Day, my children gave to me a photo bouquet, a paper vacation, 3 special cards, 2 homemade meals, and a huge  "Happy Mother's Day" sign.

....ok, you get the idea, so I'll skip to the end and spare you the reading and me the typing....

On the 11th day of Mother's Day, my children gave to me a song they wrote for me, a day with no fighting, a game night with the family, a little coupon booklet, a family portrait, a flower made by Markos, a photo bouquet, a paper vacation, 3 special cards, 2 homemade meals, and a huge  "happy Mother's Day" sign.

On the 12th day of Mother's Day, my children gave to me.....
"I LOVE YOU, MOM!!"  (with lots of hugs and kisses)

Let the song begin....

Markos ready for the dinner Mackenzie made (with Eric's help)

Mackenzie with the brownies she made for dessert

Daniel ready for dinner -- shish-ka-bobs, grilled portabello mushrooms, fruit salad, and grilled corn-on-the-cob

My "paper vacation"  (don't ask me - Daniel made it.  He's the creative one in the family.  Use your imagination.  He told me it's the ocean, beach, a bridge, and a place to stay.)

A paper flower bouquet made by Daniel

The coupon booklet, which includes such things as win an argument coupon, a night off, free laundry service, a free date with ______  (hmmmm.  there is no name filled in, I'm wondering if it has to be Eric), one undisturbed nap, and one hour of silence.  Oh yes, I will be attempting to use these babies!!

Photo bouquet made by Mackenzie

3 special cards

Made by Daniel

a flower made by Markos

Last but not least, my favorite and definitely the funniest of them all -- "The No Fighting Certificate"!
I think I should sue for breach of contract! They've been saving their money so I might actually get at least a hundred bucks or so! :-)

All kidding aside, I am very blessed and loved.  They all really wanted it to be a special day for me and it was!  I appreciate all the thought that they put into everything so much more than the gifts themselves or how things actually played out. 

It was definitely a Mother's Day full of love - not perfection - but love.

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