Friday, April 1, 2011

When Boys Play Dress-up

Both of our boys drive me slightly crazy (er, even more crazy) when they insist on seeing pictures on the camera every.single.time that I take a picture.  Seriously.  It's annoying.  I've decided recently though to just embrace their silliness in an effort to at least get the occasional really good picture in the midst of the silliness.  I have to admit that it's better to take four "silly pictures" for every one serious picture while they enjoy themselves, rather than deal with grumpiness, tears, anger, and flat-out refusals to have their pictures taken - which is what we dealt with (...and continue to deal with) with Mackenzie.

Tonight, the boys got into all their "dress-up" stuff.  They were insisting that I "take a picture", "take a picture", with every new outfit and every silly idea that they came up with.  I must say, the pictures are not the super adorable, sweet pictures that I have of Mackenzie when she was their age, wearing her little princess outfits, her dress-up shoes, her purses, hats, and necklaces, but they ARE a boy sort of way!  ;-)

Here they are, in all their boy-ness!

Markos as a knight

The obligatory "silly picture" following the knight picture

Daniel as a TMNT

Kenzie trying to get a hug

Daniel - still being a turtle

Daniel as a ??soldier??

My favorite of all the pictures!  Oh, the faces that Markos makes!!

I swear Daniel really isn't a violent kid, he just plays one in pictures!

Doesn't everyone feel the need to shoot firemen?  :-)

hee hee -- Another favorite

Do you see how happy Markos is about stopping the silliness for another hug?

Hmmm.  Interesting competition.  Hockey player vs. Knight

Take that!  A guitar to the head.  Thank goodness for helmets!

Yea.  They only pretend sleep.

And Markos doesn't really even pretend sleep very well!

But Markos DOES find Daniel to be hilarious!

The drama King

Do you see how concerned Eric is with all of this violence?


  1. What a crack up! Thanks for sharing.

  2. They are all so cute! Silly faces are my favorite!

  3. I found your blog through my friend Shonda, I hate to be a lurker and since you just made me laugh so hard it brought tears to my eyes, I thought I should say hello:) Your family is darling, those boys are hilarious, and Markos does make some darling faces! :)