Saturday, February 5, 2011

Settling in

Just a quick post to let you know that we're still alive and doing well.  Markos is settling in and bonding well with everyone.  He and Daniel are beginning to play together a lot more, which means certain destruction of our house, because they play like....well.....BOYS!  *gasp*

Unfortunately for Markos, Daniel has a significant size advantage over him.  But, it doesn't stop Markos from trying to keep up.  As soon as he's willing to put down the toy that he was playing with before, he might do a little better.  It's hard to be a swordfighter with an over-sized whistle necklace on, a car in the other hand, and a sword that is a bit too big for you!

We're still working on the sleeping and eating areas, but neither is too horrible -- I just spend a lot of time walking on egg shells and/or sneaking out of rooms.  The communication is coming along as well.  He is beginning to use more English and occasionally, we can actually tell that it's English!  :-)  Lots of times, we can't tell.  He seems to be the kind of kid who wants to get things right the first time, so oftentimes when I try to get him to repeat after me, he won't for a long time, but I can tell he's thinking about it, then all of a sudden a few days later, he'll just say it perfectly.

He has a few little electronic toys that teach letters and their sounds.  His two favorites are:
"R is for Rooster.  cock-a-doodle doo" and "K is for Karate Kick.  Hiiii yaaa!!"  They both crack him up.  He will say the cock-a-doodle doo and the hiiii yaaa all the time.  He finally said "rooster" at the table this morning, but when I tried to record him saying it, first he said what I was working on with him last night, "I love you" -- which is way better than rooster anyway! 

Last night, we took Markos to Daniel's hockey game. It was his first evening outing. He seemed to enjoy it, although he was a little mad at first that he didn't get to go out on the ice and play. Ummm. Learning to skate first might be a good idea, and some equipment wouldn't hurt either, especially when you only weigh about 32 pounds.

Anyway, all is well here. So far, the transition is going better than we ever expected. Someday, I will be able to talk on the phone again and perhaps leave the house more to see some of you.  Oh, and please forgive the condition of my house in the videos and pictures that I post over the next few weeks/months.  Cleaning is last on the list at this point and, in my defense, the vacuum cleaner isn't working and needs a new filter which was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday but has apparently been way-laid by the various storms around the U.S.  Someday, I will also be able to vacuum again. 

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