Friday, February 25, 2011


So I was rooting through the basement today for something, and happened upon a bag with Christmas presents that I had purchased for Markos when I thought that there was a chance we'd have him home by Christmas.  It was a Penguins jersey and pajama pants that matched ones I had also bought for Daniel. 

Daniel is so happy to have someone here to coerce into to invite to play hockey with him - pretty much on a daily basis.  Markos gets to use the little Penguins stick that Daniel got as a gift after one of the many deck hockey sessions in which he's participated.  And Daniel has the thrill of having someone shoot on him so he can play the coveted goalie position which we refuse to allow encourage against him playing.  

It was so cute today when I gave Markos the Penguins gear.  He immediately started saying, "Hockey.  Daniel.  Hockey." and then proceeded to drive me insane persistently talk about it for the next hour and 1/2 while we waited for Daniel to get home.  I was responding that, yes, he could play hockey with Daniel when he got home.  The second Daniel got off the bus, Markos ran to him and said, "Daniel!  Hockey!" and the two of them ran off down the street to play hockey.

What I failed to realize is, that Markos thought he was REALLY going to get to play with gloves...and a rink!!!!  He was SO mad that we weren't actually going to play hockey.  Again, ummm, it would be helpful if you knew how to skate, Markos!  Then, Daniel got mad because Markos refused to play hockey in the living room like they usually do because he was mad that they couldn't play hockey at the rink.  (ahhh, the joy!)

I managed to appease him a little by putting gloves on him.  Granted, they were cute little doggie gloves, but he didn't care. 

Great.  Now, I will probably end up having TWO boys playing hockey someday.  Better start saving now!   But first stop, ice skating lessons.

in his new Penguins gear

Check out the gloves!  They don't offer much protection, but they're awfully cute!

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