Friday, September 10, 2010

Special Delivery....

No, unfortunately, not our sweet boy. However, his BED was delivered today! Yay!

We were going out of town for Labor Day weekend but saw that our favorite furniture store was having a big sale for Labor Day, so we stopped over there Friday before we left town & ordered a twin bed and mattress for M. I informed the sales guy that I wasn't really in that much of a hurry for delivery because I had to paint the room before it was delivered. When we checked our options though, because Eric has to go to California for work next week, the latest I could take delivery was Friday (today). We were returning from our trip on Monday evening, giving me 3 days before delivery. I could do it! right?!

Of course I could! (although not without some pain & exhaustion!) I took everything off the walls & spackled all the nail holes and dents from flying Thomas the trains of past years before we left town. Then, I slaved away for 2 days once we got back home - painting 2 coats, despite buying the expensive paint with primer in hopes that I would only need 1 coat! (is it even possible to EVER need only one coat? Seriously, has anyone EVER had this wish fulfilled, because I know that I haven't!) Regardless, the light green walls with dinosaur mural are gone. Replaced by a nice, neutral light beige (called sandstone cove) - NOT black like Daniel was telling everyone! :-) I'm willing to do a Pittsburgh Penguins room, but I am NOT willing to paint the walls black.


Thankfully, the furniture store still carried the line of bedroom furniture that we originally bought for Daniel's room so we were able to get the same bed. (you know, the matching thing is important to me, because....well, just because!)

I had ordered some Pittsburgh Penguins bedding a few weeks ago when it was on sale. So, I made up the beds, have a few other decorations -- personalized Penguins flags for over the boys' beds and a hockey forward shadow mural for the one wall over M.'s bed -- on order, and rearranged clothes in the drawers to give M. some drawers for his clothes, too! I put the books and the stuffed animals that we've already purchased for M. on his bed/bookcase headboard. And, I started putting some of his new clothes in drawers.


Daniel LOVES it! I am thrilled that the second bed fits better than I thought it was going to. The train table/play table still fits in the room. And, it's all neat and organized....for at least the moment! Now, we just have to hope that M. likes hockey and that Daniel continues to like hockey! :-) (because I assure you that I will NOT be changing the room again for quite a while!)


And, one last delivery of the day!

I got an email from Holt today with an updated medical/developmental report that the doctor & head nurse did on Sept. 1st. No illnesses or problems. Since his last report from May, he has gained about 4 pounds and grown 6 cm., which is awesome! Of course, sadly, he still only weighs about 28 pounds and he's 4 years old. :-( But, the developmental report seems to indicate that he's getting along ok, playing with other kids, shares well, can stack more than 10 blocks, etc. The only thing of real note was that he is apparently VERY SHY - especially around people that he doesn't know, and he doesn't talk much but he will answer questions if he's asked. The poor little thing has been through so much in his short life, it's no wonder he's shy. It breaks my heart because in most of the pictures that we've received, he looks very shy and scared. I can't wait to gather him in my arms & comfort him, to provide him with a stable, safe place to live, and a family to feel a part of!!

70 days until we board a flight for Ethiopia to attend our court date and hopefully become the legal parents of this sweet, shy little boy! Until then, we pray and hope and wait!