Friday, August 6, 2010

Court Case Submission!

Today is August 6th -- the day that the Ethiopian High Courts close until September 27th. Today is also the day that we finally received word from Ethiopia that our court case has been submitted. Shooooo!!!! Nothing like getting things done at the last possible moment.

I have been going crazy waiting for word that we had been submitted. Already knowing that the next 2 months were going to be hard - waiting, knowing that nothing was being done to move us closer to our son - so I was really, really hoping that we would be submitted before the closures. Therefore, we are relieved, happy, and ready to go on with our lives until October -- as if we had any choice, really! ;-)

I'm sure the months will fly by. We are going to the lake for a weekend in August. We will be celebrating our new son's birthday and our adoption with great friends at a picnic on August 28th. Eric's work has a picnic at the end of August. School starts on the 24th. Daniel's beloved ice hockey starts back up mid-September. I need to plan some sort of birthday party for Daniel's 7th birthday (yikes!) in September. Eric has to go to California for work sometime in September. And, I am planning to paint & redecorate the boys' room once the kids start back to school. Yep, I'm hoping to stay VERY busy, knowing that all the while a little piece of my heart will be in Ethiopia.

Please continue to pray for M. He will turn 4 on August 28th. We sent him a talking card and a picture of our family. And we pray that he knows that he is loved and that he has a family waiting to bring him home!