Friday, June 11, 2010


We're still a little in shock, but we received that wonderful, exciting, much anticipated call today. A referral of a 3.5 year old little boy. He is precious and healthy and an answer to prayer! From the moment this whole crazy ride began, we have tried hard to trust that God was in control.

He proved Himself faithful time and time again. Changing Eric's heart from 5 years ago when I first felt the call to adopt. Preparing us in many ways during the 5 years of heart-softening when we didn't even know this would ever actually happen. Smoothing the way once we began the process. Providing every cent that the adoption would cost in completely unexpected ways -- job changes and adoption benefits and federal tax credits. And so, despite the fact that this sweet one is a little older than our requested age range, again we trust that God is in control. That He has prepared us for this child and that He has chosen this child for us.

We will send the medical records to the International Adoption specialist early next week, but we can't imagine that there is anything that would change our hearts about officially accepting the referral.

We are so thrilled...and terrified...and excited...but also heart-broken over his losses and his selfless families' losses.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray:
  • for his birth father & his siblings
  • for our new son, that he will be loved & cared for in the care center until we can bring him home
  • for the remainder of our process -- the final paperwork arriving from USCIS, the update that we now need to do to our home study & USCIS forms for the age change, and the official acceptance
  • that our court date would be scheduled quickly once the paperwork is complete
  • that God would continue to prepare our hearts, our minds, our kids, and our entire family while we wait.

BTW -- the Ethiopian government prohibits the public posting of the children's pictures or names prior to us legally adopting them & bringing them home. So, unfortunately, you will all have to wait to see his beautiful face and big brown eyes or hear his wonderful Ethiopian name that we are keeping, because I can't post them. Sorry.