Monday, May 17, 2010

Letters from the Department of Homeland Security

One of the big, final, important steps in the paperwork processing arrived today from the Department of Homeland Security -- our U.S.C.I.S fingerprinting appointment letters! Yay! Eric is scheduled for Friday, June 4th and I am scheduled for Monday, June 7th. I am not sure why they don't schedule you at the same time, but I know of a lot of others that this has happened to and they just showed up together and usually the fingerprinting people are nice enough to go ahead & fingerprint both spouses at the same time. So, hopefully, shortly after June 4th, our "Advanced Petition for Orphan Processing - I 600A" will be in the system.

With the change in Ethiopian laws now requiring an additional trip for both parents to be present at the court date, our agency has notified us that they will no longer submit requests to the courts for court dates until all USCIS paperwork is complete. This has proven in the past to be a lengthy process so we're happy that it is underway. We hate for anything to delay our trips that will bring us closer to bringing our new little one home!

Another bit of paperwork news....
Eric changed jobs today. He is still doing the same work, just for a different company. While this change won't affect our ability to adopt, it will apparently require additional paperwork in the way of a Home Study Update. I am hopeful that this will only require a letter or two from his new employer verifying salary & benefits & such, and an additional fee to our home study agency to pay for the additional report, but time will tell.

Because Eric is just starting a new job and doesn't want to take a whole lot of extra time off since we already have 2 vacations scheduled and have already warned his employer of 2 trips to Ethiopia that will also be popping up at some point, we are pretty sure that we will be attempting to squeeze in a trip to the health department the day of our fingerprinting appointment to get the vaccinations for our trips while he's off. Weee! Shots, shots, and more shots. That will be fun.....and expensive. Yellow Fever, Meningitis, Polio booster, Tetanus booster, and Typhoid -- will probably make for a very sore arm. Guess I won't be going to the gym for a few days after all those! At least I'll have a good excuse! ;-)