Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WHAT?!! Are. You. Kidding. Me!?!

I am very, very frustrated right now. I know this is all in God's time, I really do. And, I know that His timing is perfect. But, I am still very frustrated and trying hard to remain calm and not get too upset.

When we were just home from Ethiopia, I received an email from another family who was in Ethiopia for court. She was asking for prayers because they did not pass court. Seems that there was some issue with the orphanages' license expiring a few days before her court date. I felt terrible for the families that were affected because I just couldn't imagine walking out of that court room and not having heard those words, "Markos is yours."

Now, information has finally made it's way from Holt to all of us parents in process and here's the deal. The intake orphanages that Holt uses (they do not run the orphanages, they help to 'support' them so as to avoid any conflicts of interest) are primarily in the Southern region of Ethiopia. Their licenses were set to expire so they were in the process of renewing their license, however, the Southern region decided to do a mass internal audit of all the orphanages in the area and is refusing to renew any licenses until the process is complete.

Holt assures us that they do not foresee any problems with the license renewal, it's just a matter of time, waiting for the government to finish the audits. However, until the license is renewed, the judge is refusing to issue any court decrees. So, despite the fact that the orphanage still had a license when we went to court and the fact that the judge declared that Markos was ours, because it usually takes a week or so for the official decree to be issued, we are now stuck in the mess waiting along with all the other families.

I know - I don't get it either. As Eric said, "what part of 'Markos is yours' don't they understand?"

I just can't believe that we received our referral on June 11th and we possibly won't bring him home until February! That's 8 months! I shouldn't complain too much because I know there are families who went to court a few days ahead of us who are now also caught up in this mess who have been waiting even longer. It just stinks that we were caught in the change from 1 trip to 2 trips, then we were caught in the LONG court closures, now this!!! Come. On!

Anyway, sorry for the downer post after all my excitement about our trip. Maybe that's why this is hitting me so hard. I was on such a high after our trip, and now I've been knocked all the way back down, lower than I was before.

Please pray that the orphanage license is renewed as quickly as possible so that we can proceed with getting Markos home. I hate thinking that we left there saying that we would be back for him as soon as we could, and now it might be 3 months before we can get back to him! That's a long time for a 4 year old to wait and understand that we ARE coming!


  1. I feel ya lady! We got our referral 4/6 and our paperwork was in country in time to make the 1 trip deadline, but somehow we missed it. By the time we get to bring our baby girl home (hopefully 12/28, but no guarantees), we will have had her referral for well over 8 months. Getting caught up in all of this sure is difficult, even though we know God is in charge. That doesn't calm your mother's heart that aches for your child. Know that you're not alone and that I am praying for you!

  2. I'm so so sorry to hear this. I cannot imagine your heartbreak and frustration. I will be praying this is resolved as soon as possible.

  3. I would be just as frustrated as you. I hope they work out this issue quickly and get things moving again! Praying for fast re-licensing.