Saturday, November 27, 2010

Court Trip - Post 2 - In the Morning Light

I suspect that when many of you looked at our pictures of the inside of the guest house yesterday, you thought -- "well, THAT doesn't look bad!". And, you're right. It wasn't. It was beautiful. But, it was a guest house for visitors. These, on the other hand, are the views out our windows when we awoke the next morning.

Looking out our bedroom window toward the back/side of the guest house

One of the women who lived there was doing laundry by hand

Looking off the side of the balcony of the family room

One of the women who lived there was drying all kinds of peppers and other veggies in the sun on sheets of corregated tin.

(God, forgive me for whining and complaining when I have to walk down the stairs and throw clothes in the washer, add detergent, and turn on the machine. I could have to walk for miles, carrying a large jug of water every day, wash the clothes by hand, and hang them out to dry in the dirty, dusty air. Forgive me for whining and complaining when I have to open a can of veggies and toss them in the microwave. I could have to grow them myself, dry them in the sun in order to save them, and then cook them over an open fire made from fire wood that I have to collect myself.)

Looking off the family room balcony toward the front/side of the guest house

As the time grew a little later (we were up early!), more and more people were out walking around the alley by the guest house. These boys were playing soccer. They were wearing worn out flip flops and other sandals and playing with a beat up, half flat ball. We had taken some new soccer balls with us to donate to Holt and AHOPE so we got one and headed out to play with the neighborhood boys.

The boys were surprisingly good. They laughed at Eric when he TWICE let the ball roll into "hazards" that we don't have to deal with in the United States on a soccer field. First, he let the ball roll (and then he nearly stepped into) a giant dung pile from the animals.

Second, he let it roll to the other side of the street where it landed in an open sewer drainage ditch. Excited to have a new ball, one of the little boys jumped right down into it despite the women around yelling at him, but thankfully, sweet Workineh from the guest house took it and washed it at the guest house for us after that. At that point, it was time for us to leave, so Eric gave the ball to one of the boys to keep and I gave them all snacks that I had in my purse - just little individual sized packs of granola. We know that they will all share the ball and play together, because that's how they are. Loving, community-oriented, and kind. There is no me-centeredness in Ethiopia like there is in the U.S. It's a beautiful thing! And, these boys were sweet, beautiful boys who deserve so much more than a new soccer ball and a pack of granola!

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