Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tickets for Trip One are Booked!

After receiving our official court date, I spent the last 2 days calling around to a couple of recommended travel agents who specialize in adoption travel, as well as perusing Orbitz to check on airfare. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that air fare is significantly cheaper in November than it was in August. Side note - if you ever want to travel to Ethiopia, you DO NOT want to pay for airfare in the rainy season! I guess that's one plus for us having to wait so long for our court date!

Anyway, our tickets are booked. We will be flying out of Pittsburgh on a Friday morning and arriving in Ethiopia on Saturday night after traveling through Toronto Canada and then Frankfort Germany. We will then be leaving Ethiopia on Monday night and arriving back in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night. How's that for a little weekend get-away?! ;-) We will spend more time traveling to and fro, than we will get to spend in Ethiopia for this first trip. But, if all goes as planned, when we leave to come home after this weekend away, we will legally be the parents to our sweet boy, M.

Oh, and another little tidbit of good news, I heard from another adoptive mom today whom I had asked to look for M. when she traveled to bring her son home a few weeks ago. She hadn't been able to find him when they were there, but she had his picture with her and when she was unpacking after they got home, her son saw the picture, picked it up, smiled really big, and kept saying M's name over and over and then kissed the picture. How sweet is that?! Another Ethiopian friend of his here in the states! Yay! I take a tiny bit of comfort in knowing that we won't have to completely take him away from everything that he knows and cares about when we bring him home with us - even if it is just a few friends, it's something!


  1. Oh, go kiss that little boy!! What exciting news for you guys. So, how many days till you leave? Time for another countdown.

  2. That is too sweet about the little boy recognizing Markos!! Love it!