Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Movin' On Up

Well, today is June 1st and after having controlled myself for a whole two weeks without contacting the Holt Ethiopia staff to find out what our referral wait list # was, I finally broke down & emailed them today. Jennifer nicely wrote back to let me know that we are now #16 on the list! Woo Hoo!

Because I participate in the Holt online Yahoo group, I know of a good many other families that are also in-process. Of those participating in the yahoo group, I know of only 1 other family that is ahead of us who is waiting on a referral of a toddler aged boy or either gender. I know of about 8 other families that are ahead of us who are definitely waiting on either girls or infants. That leaves a few families unaccounted for that don't currently participate in the Yahoo group who may or may not be ahead of us waiting for a toddler aged boy, but we are certainly getting closer and closer to getting that much anticipated call!

I have started dreaming very real dreams about our referral and it's kind of freaking me out -- in a good way! Like a small child a few days/weeks before Christmas! :-)

The 6 days away in Arizona with Mackenzie were wonderful! What a beautiful state!!! God is AMAZING!! We had such a fun time together and although it's sad in some ways that Mackenzie is now a teenager (ahhh!), in other ways, I can see that it's going to be great in many ways, too. She is such a special, smart, loving, wonderful young lady already! We are so proud of her. We received a letter right before we left for Arizona notifying us that she was being recognized at the Academic Excellence Program at her school on June 3rd and would be receiving the Distinguished Honors Award for her GPA this year. Yay Kenzie!

Anyway, the trip was also a good distraction from the waiting period with the adoption, but now it's back to reality. Back to life. Back to waiting! Ugh!

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