Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good news!

I received notification today that our dossier was complete and correct. It was sent to be authenticated by the US State Department and then it will be on it's way to the Embassy of Ethiopia. Yay!!

Also checked the bank account and saw that the Dept. of Homeland Security finally cashed our check to apply for the child's immigration with USCIS. Hopefully we'll get our fingerprint appt. soon.

Things are moving right along. Actually, now it is finally sinking in that this is really happening. Now I feel nervous. :-) Happy & excited, but nervous, too. Still relieved to be mostly done with all the paperwork though!


  1. Lori,
    You have no idea who I am but I found you on the yahoo forum! We are just days ahead of you in the whole process!! Where are you from??

  2. Hi Brenda, we're from Bethel Park, PA - just south of Pittsburgh. You?

  3. I would love your e-mail!! I was told yesterday that we were #21 and now today you are told you are 21!!! That makes we wonder if we have also moved up!!! We are from Iowa! The northwest corner. our e-mail is tbbaartman@premieronline.net I would love to share stories with you! Today we received our finger print appointment so we are pretty excited here also!